Connect with your biggest clients, communicate more effectively, and close more sales.


Connect – Spread the importance of doing better business with women to your entire enterprise and learn improved strategy and tactics to deliver better results from every segment.

Communicate – Teach organizational teams in sales, marketing, customer service and retail to effectively communicate and sell based on the recipient of a proposal. Men and women communicate, evaluate, and make purchasing decisions differently -- ensure your organization's teams are offering the most compelling proposals.

Close – Increase sales. By better understanding how men and women make purchasing decisions differently, your organization’s teams will be better able to connect with potential customers, communicate the value of your products or services in ways that will create a positive relationship between client and company, and close more sales.

Promote the marketing/selling to women opportunity to the entire organization for a more cohesive, more successful enterprise-wide approach
...and let PME® do all the work!


Event Options

Event specifics

PME® offers several different options for events including a single workshop session, half or full day training events. We are also happy to customize a program based on your organization’s specific requirements.

Stand-alone private events

A complete training event for organizations, either off-site or internally at your location. For off-site events, we can assist with venue selection, booking, and logistics, if desired. For internal events, we will work closely with internal event staff to create a unique experience for attendees.

Add to an existing event

Include a PME® Executive Event as part of an already existing event, such as a National Sales Conference. In this case, PME® will work with the your event staff to ensure a seamless integration and high-quality, educational, engaging training experience.

Custom, unique venues & entertainment

Make the event not only an exceptional training experience, but a fun, team-building, motivational and bonding experience by choosing a unique location and/or adding entertainment.