Connecting all the right people...

Sponsors, speakers, exhibitors & attendees... PME®'s on-going mission is to bring people together to build share and drive sales through the creation, promotion and production of events. PME®'s conferences are known for their top-quality execution, relentless dedication to service for all stake holders and best-in-class content.

Building Brands and Increasing Sales...PME® (Promotion Marketing Events) is a sales and marketing agency with a special emphasis on conferences, events and expositions. We offer a background including over 30 years of both trade and consumer expositions, conferences and special event development and production.

Conferences, events and expositions are a person-to-person medium. They offer benefits that are almost impossible to achieve without the synergistic participation of a variety of companies and brands eager to achieve similar goals. Truly the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Every year, in every market of the country, millions of people attend thousands of conferences, events and expositions. Through their attendance and participation, they connect and learn, they have fun and enjoy, they purchase and associate these positive experiences with the companies whose sponsorship and participation made them possible. PME® specializes in delivering these business-building benefits to our clients and customers.

Nan McCann
Founder, President